Welcome to Inky design
Having a well drawn logo on your website and stationary can make all the difference. A pixilated or 'fuzzy' logo won't be doing you any favours. We offer vector conversion of logos and other artwork, as well as creating original vector artwork. We can take your fuzzy or small logos, either from file or a printed copy and redraw them ready for perfect professional looking printing, cutting in vinyl for a sign or shop front, or putting on your website.

We can vectorise a simple logo from as little as £30 just email your image and we'll give you a quote.

The finished vectorised artwork is perfect for a large range of applications like: letterhead and business card printing, signage and livery, stencils, cutting; vinyl, wood, metal, paper and more! If you've got any questions about vector artwork just get in touch.


sketch to vector
customer's sketch converted to vector and made into a logo

photo to vector
photo converted to a 4 colour vector for cutting in vinyl

scan to vector
logo scanned from a letterhead and converted to vector

full colour to 1 colour vector
old jpg logo updated and converted to a line drawing


Most digital images can be put into two categories, bitmap image or vector image

inky logo from BMP inky logo from vector
The left hand image shows an image originated from a bitmap and the right hand image shows an image originated from a vector, both equally magnified from the same section of our logo. The vector image has remained crisp and would stay that way at any magnification. The bitmap image has become very pixilated.


file types include: BMP, GIFF, TIFF
file types include: EPS, PDF, PICT
structure: images made up of tiny squares or pixels of individual color that make up the image you see
structure: images made from a series of scalable mathematical lines
uses: for representation of continuous tones - suited to natural photorealistic imagery
uses: for graphical drawings and diagrams
advantages: can be used to create photorealistic images. files are more universally read
advantages: resolution independent, so scaling files up or down is easy and results in no loss of quality. file sizes are generally smaller, and remain the same even when image is scaled up. Files can be easily outputted to many file types including bitmap. Files can be used directly with computer controlled machines to: cut vinyl, wood and plastics, print and embroider and much more.
disadvantages: resolution dependant, so scaling files up or down is difficult and results in loss of quality. larger file sizes. cannot generally be used by computer controlled machines.
disadvantages: It is hard to create a photorealistic image using vector. Not all computers have software that can read vector, however a bitmap can be easily made from a vector